Fastest payment when selling scrap gold and silver

In most cases we can have your payment paid to you for your scrap gold at the same time as we buy it.
No auction house buyers are able to process your scrap gold as fast or get you your cash as quick.

We feel we offer the best local service for selling scrap gold and silver

Make sure you understand what other scrap gold buyers are offering!

We don't offer FREE gold packs, We don't offer over 100% of gold fix, We don't advertise on TV.
These are all extra costs that would need to be remade from you the customer
In fact we offer a simple ON THE SPOT inspection and Cash offer for your unwanted items
Without any hassle & with little formality other than inspection of i.d.

You need to take a step back and just think about it, when an internet site or TV ad
offers all those extras, How is it possible??? As so often it is said:

When something sounds too good to be true it normally is,


Here at Cranberry House Antiques we offer our TOP rate for all scrap gold items
either hallmarked or un hallmarked subject to the gold content with no hidden commissions.
And we can pay "CASH ON THE SPOT" or by company guaranteed cheque.

Find out how much cash you could have NOW if you sell your scrap gold.

(Remember NO obligation to accept our offer - However MOST people do!)


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